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Angola’s former president Dos Santos dies in Spain aged 79

Angola’s longest-serving leader, Jose Eduardo dos Santos has died at the age of 79 in a Barcelona clinic.

According to a statement on Facebook by the country’s presidency, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, who ruled Angola for with an iron fist for 38 years, died Friday at the Barcelona Teknon clinic after suffering cardiac arrest.

With “great pain and consternation” the Luanda government posted on Facebook news of the confirmation of Dos Santos’ death.

José Eduardo dos Santos ruled the Portuguese-speaking, oil-rich state of Angola as the second president who served from 1979 to 2017.

He affectionately came to be known as Zé Dú, throughout his 38-year-old long presidential term.

In September 2017, he formally retired from political life, leaving power to his successor, the current president of Angola, João Lourenço and has since been in exile in Barcelona where he died this Friday after a prolonged illness.

Although his death comes at a particularly sensitive time for Angolan democracy, as the country prepares for its upcoming elections in August 2022, his stint in power has left a legacy that continues to generate divided opinions inside and outside Angola.

Pastor charges followers UGX 2.4m to take them to heaven

By Racheal Nuwahereza

Nigerian Pastor is wanted by police for charging demanding 310,000 naira (UGX 2.4m) from his followers to show them heaven.

Pastor Ade Abraham who claims God showed him the location of Heaven. (Photo Credit-BBC)

Pastor Ade Abraham was reported to police by one of his followers, who said the pastor had charged him 310,000 naira to see the supposed site in Araromi-Ugbeshi town, Ekiti state in south-western Nigeria.

Pastor Ade’s camp in Ekiti state. (Photo Credit-BBC)

Pastor Ade, also known as Noah Abraham told BBC that “the God he serves” revealed heaven’s gate to him to try the faith of his church members, but denies having received any payment.

The Christian Association of Nigeria has since released a statement disowning Pastor Ade Abraham.

In the same regard, Ekiti state police have collected written statements from members of his church and launched an investigation.

Credit Source: BBC Africa


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