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One dies as Kagame campaigns for 4th term

Officials in Rubavu district have confirmed death of one person and several dozens others injured in a crush at an election rally for Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

The official campaigns for July General elections started on Saturday Jun 22. The flag bearer for the Rwandan Patriotic Front who is also the incumbent president, Paul Kagame held two rallies in the northern part of the country during the weekend.

On Sunday June 23 in Rubavu district, 37 people were injured. Four of those were hospitalised with severe injuries. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Local Government.

Kagame who is running for a fourth term has been Rwanda’s de facto leader since 1994. After capturing power, his then rebel group, Rwanda Patriotic Front fronted Pasteur Bizimungu as their president and Kagame as his deputy until the year 2000. Bizimungu resigned his ‘ceremonial’ position and eventually ‘the power wielding’ Kagame was elected president by parliament. They took the reigns after seizing power at the end of a genocide which claimed lives of over 800000 people in one hundred days.

The 66-year-old president has been criticised by civil rights groups for cracking whips on the opposition but he has not minced his words while defending Rwanda’s record on human rights, saying his country respects political freedoms.

In the last presidential elections which were held in 2017, the incumbent won with nearly 99% of the votes cast defeating the same people he has in the race for the July 15 polls.

Sunday’s occurrences compelled the Ministry of Local Government to remind all those participating in the campaign activities to follow guidelines handed down to ensure safety of those taking part in the process.

Rwandan Patriotic Front expressed their grief and extended condolences to the family of the deceased and pledged to closely watch over those injured in the stampede.

Paul Kagame will face off with two other candidates in the race to become Rwanda’s president.The two are Frank Habineza of Democratic Green Party and the independent candidate Philippe Mpayimana.

Diane Rwigara, a beknown critic of the reigning president was denied chance to contest in the forthcoming presidential elections on what observers and analysts called “politically cooked up charges” but the electoral commission came out to say that Rwigara failed to avail correct documentation as proof that she did not have any criminal record. The electoral body further said that she had failed to show that she had enough support throughout the country to stand for the country’s biggest seat.

However, Rwigara who was also denied chance to participate in the 2017 polls, did not agree with the reasons that were being fronted against her intentions to serve the country alledging that she had been cheated out of her right to campaign.

On July 15,Rwandans will be going to polls to choose their next president and legislators. Observers say that Mr.Kagame is in a pole position to scoop victory in next month’s polls.

Army thwart coup in DRC

Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) army thwarted a coup d’etat against the government of President Felix Tshisekedi in the wee hours of Sunday May, 19.

Dozens of men clad in military uniform, armed with submachine guns and rifles, at around 4:10am on Sunday, attacked the residence of Vital Kamerhe. Kamerhe is a federal legislator and an ally of the president, pointed at to become the National Assembly’s Speaker.

At least three people including two Congolese security officials were killed in the shootout. The leader of the attackers, Christian Malanga was also killed during the crossfire. Over 50 people including three American nationals have been arrested according to the Congolese military.

Before its repulsion, the attack lasted for three hours.

Capt. Christian Malanga Musumari, a wealthy businessman, politician and formerly a member of the Congolese army is believed to have masterminded the attack .

He was a resident of the United States where his family secured political asylum when he was a child.

Malanga contested parliamentary elections in 2011, was arrested and detained for several weeks during the tenure of former President Joseph Kabila. Following his release, Malanga went to the US where his family had secured political asylum during his childhood and founded a political party, United Congolese Party (UCP). Through the years, Malanga has campaigned for religious freedom in Africa and has been at the forefront in the anticorruption training initiatives for young Africans in Europe.

In 2017,Makanga attempted a coup on government but it was not successful. In a livestream posted on Facebook, Malanga threatened the president and chanted “New Zaire!” Zaire is a name to which DRC was formerly known for.

“We, the militants, are tired,” Malanga said while speaking in Lingala as his army took occupation of the president’s offices. He went on to say, “We cannot drag on with Tshisekedi and Kamerhe, they have done too many stupid things in this country.”

President Tshisekedi is yet to come out publicly as questions keep on growing over how Malanga’s army were able to breach the security of the presidential palace. The African Union condemned the coup attempt and praised DRC’s army for handling the attackers.

Angola’s former president Dos Santos dies in Spain aged 79

Angola’s longest-serving leader, Jose Eduardo dos Santos has died at the age of 79 in a Barcelona clinic.

According to a statement on Facebook by the country’s presidency, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, who ruled Angola for with an iron fist for 38 years, died Friday at the Barcelona Teknon clinic after suffering cardiac arrest.

With “great pain and consternation” the Luanda government posted on Facebook news of the confirmation of Dos Santos’ death.

José Eduardo dos Santos ruled the Portuguese-speaking, oil-rich state of Angola as the second president who served from 1979 to 2017.

He affectionately came to be known as Zé Dú, throughout his 38-year-old long presidential term.

In September 2017, he formally retired from political life, leaving power to his successor, the current president of Angola, João Lourenço and has since been in exile in Barcelona where he died this Friday after a prolonged illness.

Although his death comes at a particularly sensitive time for Angolan democracy, as the country prepares for its upcoming elections in August 2022, his stint in power has left a legacy that continues to generate divided opinions inside and outside Angola.

Pastor charges followers UGX 2.4m to take them to heaven

By Racheal Nuwahereza

Nigerian Pastor is wanted by police for charging demanding 310,000 naira (UGX 2.4m) from his followers to show them heaven.

Pastor Ade Abraham who claims God showed him the location of Heaven. (Photo Credit-BBC)

Pastor Ade Abraham was reported to police by one of his followers, who said the pastor had charged him 310,000 naira to see the supposed site in Araromi-Ugbeshi town, Ekiti state in south-western Nigeria.

Pastor Ade’s camp in Ekiti state. (Photo Credit-BBC)

Pastor Ade, also known as Noah Abraham told BBC that “the God he serves” revealed heaven’s gate to him to try the faith of his church members, but denies having received any payment.

The Christian Association of Nigeria has since released a statement disowning Pastor Ade Abraham.

In the same regard, Ekiti state police have collected written statements from members of his church and launched an investigation.

Credit Source: BBC Africa


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