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Kiruhura: Local Council leaders lectured on judicial procedures

Authorities in Kiruhura district led by Grade I Magistrate court and the chief Magistrate court have delivered a lecture to Local council leaders of Kinoni sub-county on how they should follow the right laws while intervening in cases in their localities.

During the meeting at the Kinoni sub-county headquarters this week, His Worship Akankwasa Edward, the Chief Magistrate warned them to be careful in making decision without clear evidence. He noted that complainants need to go through LC I, II and III levels when seeking for justice before going to court.

In a meeting that was attended by chairpersons LCIs and LCIIs as well as Sub-county chairpersons, it was revealed that some local leaders do not use correct laws when dealing with some issues like family property bequeathing among others.

His worship Akankwasa urged these leaders to teach people to use court for lawful intervention.

Her Worship Grace Wakooli, the grade one Magistrate warned the leaders to avoid signing documents they do not fully understand.

Her Worship Wakooli also warned the authorities against bringing the tortured suspects in court.
Wakooli noted that the court cannot prosecute tortured suspect instead it has to release them.

She also implored those who do it without the necessary knowledge to seek help from court in order not to be in danger.

Coleb Kanoori, the chairman LC II Keitanturegye parish said they have been making a lot of mistakes and asked for the continued provision of such lectures.

Dan Mukago, the Kiruhura district LC V Chairperson, asked Local leaders to use the knowledge they got from court authorities and correct the mistakes they have been making in their offices.

Bakunda George, the RDC Kiruhura appreciated these judges for extending judicial services to local people.

By Mutatiina Medison

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