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Captain Yahaya Kakooza addressing stakeholders during the FMD task force meeting

Kazo: RDC directs police to arrest farmers with new FMD cases

The Kazo Resident District Commissioner [RDC] Rtd Captain Yahaya Kakooza has directed the police to arrest and prosecute in courts of law people found with foot and mouth disease(FMD) on their farms.

During the FMD task force meeting held at the district headquarters with stakeholders on Wednesday, Capt. Yahaya asked all leaders at different capacities to play their roles in fighting FMD.

 Capt. Yahaya has directed police to arrest people with new cases of foot and mouth disease on their farms.

Stakeholders during the FMD task force meeting

Dr Kiyemba Ronald, the district veterinary officer Kazo revealed that the outbreak is  now confirmed in Kanyanya cell -Rwamuranga parish –Kazo sub-county and another yet to be confirmed case in Kigorogoro, Rwempiri ward, Kazo town council.

Dr Kiyemba added that vaccination is already being done in the affected cells with new cases and will subsequently continue to other places.

Asiimwe Johnbaptist, the Kazo district production officer announced new measures to control the continuous spread of FMD and warned the public that there is no more movement of animals from the affected and total ban on milk from affected farms.

Dairy attendant pouring milk into a cooler in Busia(COURTESY PHOTO)

Government asked to set up a minimum price for milk

Dairy farmers in Kazo district have called upon the government to set a minimum price for milk in order to benefit from the milk business.

While speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview on issues concerning the milk business, a section of dairy managers and milk traders in Kazo town council -Kazo district said they are grappling with fluctuating milk prices.

Ahereza Susan, the manager of Kazo Ruhanga Nakora diary said that the milk price cut happens every period whereby at the moment, a liter is at UGX 500 down from UGX 2000 Ayebare attributed the fluctuations to excessive rainfall that has been received recently.

Nuwahereza Amon, the manager Mwenya group of farmers, advised the farmers to keep a good quality of the milk quality although the price is low, adding that the prices will rise again soon.

Byaruhanga Fred, one of the milk traders, asked the government to set a standard price whether it is rain or sunshine to prevent the milk cut-price during the rainy season.

Residents during burungi bwansi exercise on Monday

Residents embark on Burungi bwansi to rehabilitate Kazo-Buremba road

Kazo residents who use the 19km access road that connects Kazo to Buremba have started working on their road which has been in a sorry state since 2021.

Residents during burungi bwansi exercise on Monday

The residents secured permission from Kazo district local government to work on the road through the mobilization of Chairpersons LC1s, including, Mwebaze Ephraim of Kazo 1 cell, Mwebesa Steven of Ryakahabwa Cell, Twinamatsiko Baine Barireeba of Obwengaara Cell, together with other stakeholders like Hon. Lilian Isingoma, the Ibaare parish lady councilor, and the District LC V chairman, Rev Samuel Mugisha Katugunda among others.

Mwebesa Steven, the chairman of LC I Ryakahabwa Cell, said that after heavy rains destroyed the road, it became impossible for people and vehicles to move, they have been reporting about its sorry state to the district officials who promised to work on it after the rains, but all in vain. 

Mwebaze Ephraim said that the state of the road has hindered businesses for a long time but after a long wait they were able to mobilize for Burungi bwansi and they have already yielded success.

A section of residents led by Bagire Micheal and Taremwa Godwin, a Boda Boda rider in Kazo Town, told our reporter that this road has become a spot for many losses and Accidents because of the many gullies that have filled the road since it was last rehabilitated last year but one.

Rev Mugisha Katugunda, assured the residents that the Government will work on all the roads which are in a sorry state due to rain.

Kazo: FMD taskforce okays loading of livestock

Kazo district has opened farm loading within the sub-counties that are free from foot and mouth disease.

This resolution was reached during the district’s second engagement meeting with livestock traders, butchers, animal transporters, and sub-county leaders held at the district headquarters on Wednesday.

During this meeting, other resolutions included putting up checkpoints at the borders between Kazo and other neighboring districts, and not allowing the sale of livestock in the markets within those districts among others.

Rev Samuel Mugisha Katugunda, Kazo district LC V chairperson revealed that they have allowed farm loading but there must be spraying of Fuso tyres at the farm and washing the whole Fuso after offloading.

Livestock traders during a meeting with the Kazo district FMD taskforce on Wednesday

Meanwhile, livestock traders including the tenderers of the markets led by their chairperson livestock traders Kananura David vowed to ensure full implementation of the resolutions to control the spread of the disease in the district and eradicate the cases in Buremba town council.

Samuel Rumari, the LC III chairperson of Burunga sub-county appealed to traders to utilize the pass given across the district to curb out the vice.

The outgoing Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Kazo, Al-Hajji Mawiya Lule asked traders to fulfill the guidelines from the meeting.

Kazo Town council moves to secure physical development plan.

Authorities in Kazo Town Council in Kazo District have revealed that they are in the final plans of securing a physical plan in an effort to control the mushrooming unplanned and uncoordinated physical developments in the area.

Justus Mugarura, the Kazo Town Council Mayor told our reporter that they have secured UGX 50 million raised from the local revenue and started the process to secure the Physical plan.

Mugarura added that once the physical plan is secured, its implementation might be tricky since the town council has developed many buildings constructed without plans.

Shibah Ntungire, the Kazo Town Council Clerk said they started the process to have a physical development plan in 2019 and have been saving UGX 5 million annually for the same purpose noting that they will soon have its draft despite the delay.

However, Enock Nshemereire Rutashorora, the Former Chairperson LC III Kazo Town Council said having a physical development plan during his tenure was delayed by the lack of funds noting that it required UGX 100 million which the newly created Town council never had.

Rutashorora said he had successfully lobbied from the ministry of local government through the then assistant commissioner in charge of Urban administration, Charles Katarikawe who had promised to provide them with money in phases until the plan was in place.

He added that Katarikawe gave them UGX 14 million as a start-up fund but it was diverted by the then Town Clerk and Physical Planner who failed to account for it noting that the ministry stopped the funding.

He said that after the corruption incident, they agreed to start saving from their local revenue and by the end of his tenure they had saved over UGX 20 million on the council account to have a physical development plan.

In response, Mugarura, the current Mayor rubbished the claims that his predecessor had raised over UGX 20 million for the same purpose saying this money was not on the town council account.

Katurebe Apollo, the town council physical planner said that they lack a physical development plan but they are guided by the physical planning act 2010 which recognizes the whole country to follow physical planning guidelines where no development should be allowed to take place without the approval of the Physical Development Committee.

He also added that as far as conserving concerns they are guided by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to ensure that an environmental impact assessment is done before developments are carried out in sensitive areas like wetlands.

A Physical Development Plan is a document used to provide decision-makers with the information they need to make informed decisions affecting the social, economic, and physical growth of an area.

According to Section 25 of the Physical Planning Act 2010, the Physical Development Plan includes a topographical survey in respect of the area to which the plan relates carried out in the prescribed manner; maps and descriptions as may be necessary to indicate how the land in the area may be used; and a technical report on the conditions, resources, and facilities in the area.

District Council session

Kazo: District Council moves motion against promotion of homosexuality

The Kazo district council has moved a motion against the promotion of lesbianism and homosexuality activities in Kazo district.

During a council session chaired by the speaker Hon Dan Nahurira Bwamunyonga held at the district council hall on Wednesday 29th March, 2023, the district LC V chairperson, Rev Samuel Mugisha Katugunda introduced the motion against homosexuality together with corruption following his report where he urged the councilors to fight the two vices.

Recently, social media has been awash with reports of homosexuality acts being reported in schools, prompting the parliament of Uganda to re-introduce the ant-homosexuality bill passed in 2013 and assented on by president Museveni in 2014, but would later be outlawed by the Constitutional court of Uganda.

A section of district councilors led by Hon Rosette Ahumuza, the district councilor representing Kazo and Kyampangara sub-counties moved the motion to pronounce themselves against the vice saying it cannot be allowed in the community of Kazo district.

Kazo district political leaders pose for a photo with technical staff after the council session.

Al-Hajji Mawiya Lule, the Resident District Commissioner Kazo noted that every parent ought to take part in the fight against homosexuality and lesbianism by talking to their children about the dangers associated with the vices.

During the same council, Speaker Bwamunyoga warned district councilors over continued absenteeism and late coming for Committee sessions and council sitting.

Bwamunyoga told councillors that whoever misses council meetings again with no sound reason will face disciplinary action alongside being exposed before their electorates.

Kanyohora Laban, the district councillor representing Rwemikoma sub-county supported  the motion condemning absenteeism noting that councillors should represent their people if not they should go home and sleep.

Story compiled by Rurekyera Geofrey

Hon Dan Kimosho officiating Womens Day Celebrations in Kazo district

Kazo: Women asked to embrace government programs

In a bid to promote economic transformation and improved standards of living, women have been called upon to always form Saccos and embrace government programs like the Parish Development Model.

The call was made by Hon Dan Atwijukire Kimosho, the Member of Parliament Kazo constituency while officiating Kazo district Women’s Day celebrations held at Bugarihe primary school playground.

The colorful ceremony which had women showcase their talents in bicycle riding, Football, wrestling (okufukana), singing, running and other games was sponsored by MP Kimosho himself ahead of today’s celebration at Sanga playgrounds in Kiruhura district.

These women from Bugarihe parish praised MP Kimosho for remembering them and bringing the district celebrations in this area.

They also used this opportunity to raise their concerns about service delivery and their need to get a health center and clean water.

Rev Samuel Mugisha Katungunda, the district LC V chairperson also asked women to also join Saccos and work hard to help their men in providing basic needs for the family.

Some of the goodies won by the women who participated in different games in Bugarihe.

The participating women were rewarded with mattresses, blankets, basins, bed sheets, balls, ebitengye, and certificates among others.

Kiruhura: Local Council leaders lectured on judicial procedures

Authorities in Kiruhura district led by Grade I Magistrate court and the chief Magistrate court have delivered a lecture to Local council leaders of Kinoni sub-county on how they should follow the right laws while intervening in cases in their localities.

During the meeting at the Kinoni sub-county headquarters this week, His Worship Akankwasa Edward, the Chief Magistrate warned them to be careful in making decision without clear evidence. He noted that complainants need to go through LC I, II and III levels when seeking for justice before going to court.

In a meeting that was attended by chairpersons LCIs and LCIIs as well as Sub-county chairpersons, it was revealed that some local leaders do not use correct laws when dealing with some issues like family property bequeathing among others.

His worship Akankwasa urged these leaders to teach people to use court for lawful intervention.

Her Worship Grace Wakooli, the grade one Magistrate warned the leaders to avoid signing documents they do not fully understand.

Her Worship Wakooli also warned the authorities against bringing the tortured suspects in court.
Wakooli noted that the court cannot prosecute tortured suspect instead it has to release them.

She also implored those who do it without the necessary knowledge to seek help from court in order not to be in danger.

Coleb Kanoori, the chairman LC II Keitanturegye parish said they have been making a lot of mistakes and asked for the continued provision of such lectures.

Dan Mukago, the Kiruhura district LC V Chairperson, asked Local leaders to use the knowledge they got from court authorities and correct the mistakes they have been making in their offices.

Bakunda George, the RDC Kiruhura appreciated these judges for extending judicial services to local people.

By Mutatiina Medison

Kiruhura: Teachers asked to rescue pupils from disaster-prone buildings

The Kiruhura District Education Officer, Merab Busingye has visited the two Primary schools which were hit by a hailstorm in Kitura sub-county, Kashongi county, Kiruhura district on Monday this week.

These schools include Mooya church of Uganda primary school were an office and library were blown off by heavy wind with rain which left books and other property destroyed and Kitura church of Uganda where a two classroom block collapsed injuring 16 pupils.

During her inspection, Busingye discovered that all the 16 pupils who were injured have been discharged from Mbarara hospital and they are recovering well.

Yekonia Beerusya, the head teacher Mooya C.O.U P/S said they have not received any help to revamp the destroyed property.

Babu Wilberforce, the head teacher Kitura C.O.U. P/S urged government to help them with rebuilding the collapsed structure.

Nathan Biite, one of parents whose children got injured in the incident said, he has showed positive improvement and is confident that his child will be fine.

Busingye advised administrators in schools to remove the children from dilapidated buildings during rainy season to avoid such incidences.

Busingye further urged the teachers to always be available at school and promised that government will find the way of helping them.

By Mutatiina Medison

Rev Samuel Mugisha Katungunda, the Kazo district LC V chairperson addressing the Sacco leaders in a meeting

Kazo: Sacco leaders asked to get their Saccos licenced

SACCO leaders in Kazo district have been advised to prepare and apply for a license and permanent registration in order to get government money through microfinance centers to use as they give loans to their customers.

This message was delivered by Tibbs Orikiriza, the manager of Uganda microfinance regulatory authority (UMRA) in charge of Saccos while speaking to Sacco leaders in the meeting held at the Kan house conference in Kazo town council on Tuesday.

Orikiririza revealed that UMRA was established under the tier IV microfinance institution and money lenders Act, 2016 to license, regulate and supervise the microfinance institution and money lenders and this was done by the parliament.

Orikiriza added that being fully registered and having license helps Saccos to get government money through microfinance center where these Saccos are given money to use.

He also advised Saccos and money lenders to register for license noting that this gives legal protection for handling the defaulters.

Peter Baguma, the district commercial officer appreciated UMRA for their commitment towards training these leaders saying that this will help them to follow the laws.

Rev Samuel Mugisha Katungunda, the Kazo district LC V chairperson asked UMRA to go and revise the laws and practices where it is necessary because defaulters are letting Saccos down.


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