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Over 650 people infested with jiggers in Rukungiri district.

At least 650 people in Bwambara Sub-county, Rujumbura county, Rukungiri district, have suffered from jigger infestation since August last year.

The most affected villages are Rushebeya, Kateramo, and Kempazi all in Kikongi parish.

John Tumushabe; the chairperson LC I Kateramo Village,  says many people, including children ranging from the ages of two to five are unable to walk, while the adults between 50 and 70 years have trouble sitting due to pain caused by jiggers.

Tumushabe says together with members of the village health teams (VHT), they have started sensitizing the people in jigger-infested areas about good hygiene.

Annet Kyobutungi, member of the VHT Rushebeya cell, says the problem has been escalated by residents’ failure to adhere to proper sanitation standards. Adding that some families no longer care about their wellbeing as parents have failed to play their roles and some children sleep with dirty feet.

Chris Kagayano, the Bwambara Sub-county LC III chairman, attributed the problem to water shortage in the area.

“I started hearing that there were jiggers in the sub-county but most people in Bwambara are living in poor hygiene places because of water scarcity. That makes us prone to such infections,” said Kagayano.

He says they have instructed a team of health workers to give medical services to the affected population.

Ronald Nahabwe, the sub-county Community Development Officer said so far about 450 people are receiving treatment.

Geoffrey Kyomukama; the LCV chairman Rukungiri district has since urged locals, religious leaders and security personnel to join efforts in fighting the jiggers.

Jiggers penetrate the body mainly through the feet and hands, where they suck blood from their host. When left untreated, heavy infestations may lead to inflammation, wounds, tetanus infections from open wounds and death.

Bruno K advises men to stop having children with broke women.

Singer Bruno K, real names Bruno Kigundu has come out to give a piece of outrageous advice to fellow men reminding them to mind about the women they are going to have children with.

According to Bruno K broke women have many tricks to tempt men into making them pregnant so that they can be an eternal problem to such men as they demand for money in the name of “Child support”.

“Please men avoid sleeping with unemployed women because you will get her pregnant and suffer with her forever. Those unemployed women have so many tricks,” said the singer in an interview with a local television.

“She will say she is allergic to condoms and you will also buy her lie that’s where everything starts. Remember after having a child with her she will forever be in your life you will look after her and the child the entire of your life,” Bruno K sounded the warning.

Bruno K has always echoed his distaste over unemployed women who depend on men for all their survival and he has always taken a strong stand against women who ask for transport money when going to visit their boyfriends.

Bruno K is a single father of one, who recently lost the baby mama to a strange disease.

Uganda Cancer Institute to establish regional cancer centres in Gulu, Arua, Mbale and Mbarara

Today, Uganda Cancer Institute joins the rest of the world to commemorate World Cancer Day. The Institute is committed to providing greater access to care for people and close the gap in cancer care through reaching out to the population.

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to which Uganda Cancer Institute subscribes has embarked on a three-year campaign under the theme “Closing the care gap” and UCI is responding by taking on a nationwide approach to improve access to care for all through establishing regional cancer centers.

The Uganda Cancer Institute is establishing regional cancer centres in four regions of the country (Northern – Gulu, Eastern – Mbale, Western – Mbarara and West Nile – Arua). The government of Uganda has secured funding to construct the Northern Uganda Regional Cancer Centre in Gulu which will be operational next financial year. The Western Uganda and West Nile centres are already operational and the government has promised additional funding to construct all the three remaining centres (Gulu, Arua, Mbarara).

A statement by UCI cited that more than 80% of cancer patients registered at the UCI present with late stage disease thus leading to a high mortality rate among adult cancer patients. Giving an example of breast cancer, the statement says chances of surviving breast cancer can be above 90% if a woman is screened regularly and the cancer is detected in the early stages.

However, women living in rural areas face long distances to travel to care centres that provide screening. This means that they only present when the cancer has advanced enough and becomes difficult to treat. The statement highlighted that this situation can change if these people are screened early and given holistic treatment in their regions.

To close the care gaps, the Uganda Cancer Institute with funding from the Government of Uganda is expanding care infrastructure at the Mulago campus with construction of a new 8–level in patient building, a two-block six-level ADB funded building that will house facilities for reference cancer laboratory, MRI, cancer surgical suites, outpatient clinics, ICU among many other facilities to improve patient care.

Additionally, with funding from the government of Uganda, the Institute is expanding the radiotherapy services with planned purchase of two new high-end radiotherapy machines this financial year bringing the number of radiotherapy machines to five. The establishment of PET centre will also reduce the number of Ugandans going abroad for PET scans.

Every year, 10 million people around the world die from cancer. This is more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

2 bodies retrieved from a septic tank in Kabowa.

Police detectives at Katwe Police station have recovered human remains of a yet to be identified person, five days after retrieving another body from a septic tank within the same home in Kabowa.  

On Saturday Police retrieved the body of Patrick Turyasingura from a septic tank. Turyasingura had been reported missing since the 26th January, 2022 by one Norman Muhangi, at the same residence located in Kabowa Rubaga division, a Kampala city suburb.  

The postmortem report indicated that he was strangled to death before being dropped in the septic tank which prompted Police to arrest Norman Muhangi and Naomi Tumwine as key suspects to help with the on-going investigations.   

Luke Owoyesigyire; the Deputy Police spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan, said other human remains have been recovered today by the detectives who went back to reconstruct the scene. The body was found in a rotting state and could not be readily identified.

“We found that Turyasingura was planning to leave the country to go abroad. We highly believe the four people know something about his murder, and possibly the death of this person we have recovered today,” said Owoyesigyire adding that the CCTV footage at the house was deleted the same day Turyasingura was killed.

Owoyesigyire also added that there has been also an ongoing inquiry at Katwe Police station into the disappearance of a male adult by the names of Roland Akandinda, from the same home which occurred in December 2020, and the matter has been under investigations since. 

He explained that the remains have been taken to the city mortuary Mulago for postmortem, while waiting for the DNA test to confirm the identity of the remains recovered.  

The suspects Naome Tumwine and Norman Muhangi who were arrested earlier this week are still in custody at Katwe Police station, while efforts are underway to apprehend Charles Tumwine, the husband to Naome, and Geoffrey Oduku, the security guard, who are still on the run.  

Shs 1.2b paid to ghost workers.

The Auditor General has revealed that the government lost Shs 1.2 billion which was paid to over 600 ghost workers at the local gov’t level.

Edward Akol, the acting assistant auditor general-audits unearthed this during the 2021 audit report that he recently handed over to Anita Among, the deputy speaker at Parliament.

The report highlighted that government paid a total of 1.12billion through 78 local governments to 635 staff who had either retired, been transferred, absconded, or died hence paying for services that were not rendered causing loss of funds to the government.

Whereas Uganda has a total of 146 districts, the auditor general’s audit was limited to 78 local governments, and it has been established that this audit did not include the over 200 central government entities.

Namboole Stadium handed over to UPDF Engineering brigade for renovation

The formal and official hand over of the Mandela National Stadium, Namboole site to the UPDF Engineering brigade to commence works of renovation and upgrading the stadium to International standards was yesterday flanked by Hon. Dennis Hamson Obua, the State minister of sports and witnessed by the chairperson of the Mandela National Stadium board, Anne Abeja, Brigadier General Engineer Byesigye Bekunda, the Commander of the UPDF Engineering Brigade, Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the Area member of Parliament, Jamil Ssewanyana, the Manager of Mandela National Stadium, Dr. Bernard Patrick Ogwel, the General Secretary, National Council of Sports and several officers from the UPDF.

The two phased planned renovation and upgrade will have Phase 1 that will take at least four months involving the securing and construction of a perimeter fence around the stadium. This phase is estimated to cost at least Shs 3.8 billion.

The UPDF Engineering brigade will then proceed to Phase II which will include upgrading the stadium to international standards. This phase is estimated to cost at least Shs 67 billion and it is incorporated in the supplementary budget.

The goal is to upgrade to a World class Stadium suitable for hosting national, regional, continental and International games as well as protect and sustain this national asset.

Hon. Obua believes that this perimeter wall will help solve the long standing concern of encroachers around the peripheries of this land that was 24 years ago procured by Government to construct an international stadium.

“Today, we have started the upgrade and renovation of the Mandela National Stadium, Namboole with the perimeter wall fencing around the stadium land. The wall will help solve the long standing issues of encroachment on the stadium land. This is the journey. We believe the UPDF shall do perfect work,” Hon Obua said.

Some of the UPDF Engineers with the guests pose for a group photo outside the Mandela National Stadium.

UPDF Officer stabbed to death in a bar brawl.

Police in Jinja City is investigating a case where a Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF) soldier died after he was allegedly stabbed in a bar brawl over a woman.

James Mubi; the Kiira region police spokesperson, identified the deceased as Private Michael Kwewana, 39 attached to Gaddafi military barracks in Jinja City.

It is reported that on Tuesday, the deceased went to Kamuyodisa Bar and Guest House located at Bwase Zone in Buwenge Town Council, Jinja District and allegedly picked up a quarrel with his friend, Zakayo Ngobi, 23, over a yet-to-be identified woman.

Police responded to the scene and established through preliminary investigations that Ngobi allegedly slit Kwewana’s throat and stabbed him in the stomach.

Mubi said that the victim was rushed to Buwenge General Hospital before being transferred to Bombo Military Hospital where he was pronounced dead few hours later.

Mubi added that Ngobi was arrested and transferred to Nalufenya Police Station where he will be charged with murder.

Leaders in Kazo asked to embrace Emyooga program.

Hon. Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the Minister of State Microfinance and Small Enterprises has urged leaders in Kazo and Kiruhura districts to join Emyooga SACCOs to inspire community members to also join as the government strives to improve household incomes across the country.

Hon, Kasolo made the remarks today during The Microfinance Support Centre Ltd visit to Kazo County, in Kazo district to continue with monitoring of the performance of program within the constituency. The event has been graced by the district Kazo district leaders and beneficiaries.

Rv. Samuel Mugisha; the LC 5 Chairman, Kazo district has assured the population that the Emyooga program is going to succeed without a doubt. “We shall not allow any disruptions. We shall deal with any person who tries to bring in corruption. We aren’t going to allow anybody to disrupt the program,” he said.

Emyooga is a new Presidential Initiative that is centered on Various Enterprises aimed at Promoting Job Creation and Improving Household incomes of Ugandans.

Three family members perish in house fire.

Three family members have been confirmed dead and one other seriously injured after a fire broke out in their home in Wabomba cell, Nakaloke Town council, Mbale Northern Division, Mbale City on Tuesday evening.

Police identified the deceased as Jamal Mutoto, 30, Sowedi Impiangu, 35, and Wilberforce Naifuge 20. Ekesa Konstant, 30, sustained serious injuries and is undergoing treatment at Mbale regional referral hospital.

Moses Okello, an eyewitness said one of the victims forgot to fasten the lid on the jerry can containing petrol and as the woman was lighting the charcoal stove, it caught fire and it spread very fast. Okello added that the neighbors’ attempts to rescue the deceased were futile.

Richard Wekesa, a resident of Nakaloke town council, said the deceased were burnt to death as they tried to rescue their properties.

Rogers Taitika, the Elgon region police spokesperson said preliminary reports indicate that fire is suspected to have spread from a charcoal stove on the veranda to the room where the victims had stored fuel that they sold in jerry cans and bottles as a family business for a long time.

Ethiopian Airlines resumes operations of the Boeing 737 MAX three years after tragic crash.

Nearly three years ago, State-owned Ethiopian Airlines killed all 157 people on board and triggered the global grounding of the aircraft.

In March 2019, Flight 302 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi plunged into a field, southeast of the Ethiopian capital six minutes after takeoff, months after a similar crash left 189 people dead in Indonesia. The victims of the Flight 302 crash, the worst in Boeing’s & Ethiopia’s history, hailed from more than 30 countries.

The twin disasters led to subsequent scrutiny of the 737 MAX’s faulty flight handling system.

The airline says the decision to resume 737 MAX flights has come after “intense recertification” by regulators in the United States, the European Union, China and Ethiopia.

The airline said in a statement that their pilots, engineers, aircraft technicians, and cabin crew are fully prepared to take the B737 MAX back to the skies and they look forward to welcoming the passengers on board.

Ethiopian Airlines flew passengers on a Boeing (BA.N) 737 MAX plane in a demonstration flight that had journalists, diplomats and officials on board and was initially scheduled to reach neighboring Kenya but remained within Ethiopia due to poor weather. 

Esayas Woldemariam; the acting Chief Executive Officer told reporters that commercial flights will resume after the demonstration.

The airline revealed that their ‘Vision 2025,’ Ethiopian will strive to become the leading airline group in Africa, carrying 18 million passengers per annum.


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