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Mc Casmir Vows To Get Justice Over Cheating Scandal

MC Casmir, real name Mukisa Kimenyi was on Wednesday 9th February, 2022, filmed in a video after he was allegedly found red-handed having sex with another man’s wife. In a video that made rounds on social media & got tongues wagging, MC Casmir is seen handcuffed and pleading for mercy from an unidentified man.

Scenes from the video as MC Casmir and his cheating partner are seen apologizing.

Casmir admitted to have had sex with the woman before saying, “Yes! I am sorry.” The woman as well confirmed having engaged in a sex act with the MC.

In a statement he made through his Facebook post moments after the video of his cheating scandal leaked, MC Casmir has vowed to bring whoever was involved in humiliating him to justice.

MC Casmir in a Facebook post.

He condemned the officers for turning his bedroom into a crime scene, a move that has since embarrassed him and family. MC Casmir went ahead and thanked everyone that has stood by him through the tough times he is going through.

A number of Ugandan media personalities have also showed their disappointment in Uganda Police after its officers recorded a video demanding an apology from the TV presenter MC Casmir for engaging in sexual practices with a married woman. They claim that the two adults’ in the video were embarrassed by police and their privacy rights were violated. 

Casmir’s saga remains a heated debate both on social media and public domain with different opinions landed with many people arguing that he didn’t commit any crime by having sex with a married woman and the police shouldn’t have been involved.

According to the Ugandan constitution, after Uganda’s Constitutional Court scrapped the law against adultery in 2007 when feminists argued that it was discriminatory against women. Even though adultery is no longer an offense, different cultural and religious institutions have varying punishments for individuals caught cheating.

Museveni suggests that Bobi Wine’s NUP gets off IPOD funding list

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni; the NRM party chairman has suggested that leading opposition party, National Unity Platform(NUP) should be scrapped off the list of those supposed to benefit from IPOD funding for refusal to  join the political party coalition.

NUP recently said they will not join IPOD because the platform has largely been used to legitimize the NRM that has no regard or respect for democracy.

“The regime uses it (IPOD) for political gain, far from its intended objective of strengthening Uganda’s multiparty democracy. You will agree that in the past ten years of IPOD’s existence in Uganda, the democratic space has shrunk, going from bad to worse every successive year” said NUP Secretary General Lewis Rubongoya.

The dialogue for IPOD Council of Secretaries General of member political parties at State House Entebbe was yesterday graced by Richard Tadwong, the NRM Secretary General, Gerald Siranda of Democratic Party (DP), Mohammad Kateregga (JEEMA) and Ebil Fred of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

Speaking at this council, Museveni who is also the current chairperson of the IPOD urged all political parties in Uganda to work together and resolve the issues affecting the country.

Museveni says despite the political differences political parties should take lead in the promotion of peace and stability in the country.

President Museveni’s remarks about peace on Twitter.

“Because the idea is, although you have differences, please work for stability by sharing some common positions in a forum and the only forum is this one (IPOD),” said Museveni.

He noted that although IPOD brings together all political parties represented in parliament, some do not want to cooperate with others and therefore, these should not qualify for government funding under IPOD arrangement.

President Museveni’s comment about funding on Twitter

“It should even be put in the law that those who don’t want to be part of the forum, should not share that money since their work is contrary to the spirit of dialogue and unity for the country,” Museveni stressed.

According to the IPOD Council Chairperson, Richard Todwong, NUP is getting more funding than UPC, DP and JEEMA since these funds are allocated to the seven political parties in Parliament in accordance with their numerical strength.

At the May 2019 IPOD summit, President Museveni committed to increase public funding to political parties from shs10 billion to shs35 billion.

“Indeed, the shs35 billion funding was made available and in the January-March quarter, shs23 billion was released by the Ministry of Finance out of shs35 billion passed by parliament in the supplementary budget for funding political parties under IPOD,” Tadwong remarked.

According to the allocation; NRM got shs17 billion (74%), NUP got 3.1 billion (13.5%), FDC got shs1.7 billion (7.4%), DP and UPC each got shs 485 million (2.1%) JEEMA and PPP each got shs 53 million (0.2%)

President Museveni maintained his earlier position that 15% of the total amount should be shared equally among member parties for administrative expenses, another 15% to be allocated to the IPOD secretariat for joint activities for the member parties and 70% be allocated based on numerical strength of parliamentary representation of member parties.

IPOD is an organization that brings together all political parties represented in Parliament with a cardinal objective of promoting meaningful interparty dialogue in pursuit of the peaceful coexistence of national development activities.

MV PAMBA resumes commercial travel after sixteen years of being grounded.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has today commissioned MV PAMBA for its first commercial travel after sixteen years of being grounded.

Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja commissions MV PAMBA after its renovations.

Following its recommissioning, the rehabilitated MV Pamba, has resumed operations on Lake Victoria after being flagged off by Hon Nabbanja from PortBell, Luzira for its first commercial trip to Kisumu.

Loaded MV Pamba ready to sail the waters of Lake Victoria 16 years of being docked at Port-bell.

MV Pamba, a Ugandan-owned vessel, sank with huge amounts of cargo after colliding with its sister vessel MV Kabalega on Lake Victoria in 2005. The latter watercraft has never been recovered.

The rehabilitation of Pamba, estimated to have cost sh28.6bn, was undertaken by Mango Tree Group, a Chinese firm. Fan Shuchun, the chairperson of Mango Tree Group, said repairs of MV Pamba were completed in November last year and sea trial tests done in January.

The rehabilitated MV Pamba ready to sail.
The rehabilitated MV Pamba ready to sail.

General Edward Katumba Wamala, theMinister of Works and Transport has urged the business community, petroleum-based and other heavy duty companies to utilize MV Pamba to haul their cargo so as to reduce on the number of heavy trucks on our roads.

The minister added that the 24 crew vessel has a capacity to carry 22 wagons and will increase tonnage, with a monthly shipping of 21,000 tonnes of cargo expected, which he said will relieve the pressure on roads.

Stanley Ssendegeya, the managing director of Uganda Railways Corporation (URC), said the vessel has the capacity to transport 10,000 tonnes of cargo.

MV Pampa and MV Kaawa; the transporters of bulk cargo on Lake Victoria.

MV Pamba’s return to operations will complement the existing Roll on Roll off vessel MV Kaawa to haul cargo between the ports of Port Bell, Kisumu and Mwanza thereby boosting trade and transportation of Cargo on the Victoria waters.

Former CMI boss sued for allegedly torturing Kasese district NUP coordinator

Government together with the former Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence(CMI) boss, Maj Gen Abel Kandiho have been sued over the alleged torture of Samuel Masereka, the coordinator of the National Unity Platform (NUP) in Kasese district.

In a case file before the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala on Tuesday morning, Masereka a student of Medical Radiography at Earnest Cook, Mengo in Kampala says that on January, 7, 2022, at around 6pm while playing pool at a local pub in Kasese, three security operatives clad in UPDF attire attached to CMI arrested him and later confiscated his phone.

He says that immediately after the arrest, a pistol was pointed to his mouth and asked to remain silent, before he was dragged into a waiting drone car and whisked away to Kasese Central Police Station and later to Kilembe Police Post where he spent the night.

Masereka says UPDF operatives in the company of officer Bwambale then picked him from the cells on Saturday, 8, January, at around 9am and asked him to lead them to his home in Nyamwamba East.

Masereka added that while at his home, despite the absence of his lawyers, a comprehensive search was done & his laptop, national ID, flash disk, sim card and National Unity Platform documents used for mobilization were confiscated as exhibits. He says that he was later driven back to Kasese Police Station from where he recorded a statement and later handcuffed and driven to Kampala accompanied by 3 UPDF officers.

“Upon reaching Busega, I was hooded and then proceeded to an unknown destination. When the hood was taken off, we had reached our destination. I was totally undressed, even with no under garments and my particulars taken at the reception. During the night, I asked some of my fellow detainees where we were and I was told that it is Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) Mbuya,” he said.

The court documents say the following day he was led for interrogation before four officers and that during the interrogation, he was asked about the funders and plans for the National Unity Platform, his phone conversation with NUP’s Lewis Rubongoya and the opposition party’s next move.

Masereka says he was tortured for several days after his answers never “amused” his interrogators, adding that at one time blood was oozing out of his mouth, nose, genital, and all over his body.

A courtesy photo of Masereka’s feet as he left the detention centre.
A courtesy photo of Masereka’s left foot.


 “The applicant seeks a declaration that the respondent’s actions of battering, flogging, intentional infliction of wounds, harassment waterboarding and torture while in detention at CMI Mbuya threatened and violated his non-derogable freedom from torture, cruel and inhumane and degrading treatment guaranteed by articles 24 and 44 of the 1995 Constitution and section 3(1) of the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act 2021,” the court documents say.

He also wants court to declare that his detention for 19 days and in an ungazetted detention centre was unlawful and illegal and consequently wants court to order for special damages and general damages.

Tunisian President Kais Saied dissolves the Supreme Judicial Council

The Supreme Judicial Council is an independent and constitutional institution, formed in 2016. Its powers include ensuring the independence of the judiciary, disciplining judges and granting them professional promotions.

Saied who has repeatedly criticized the judiciary’s delay in issuing rulings in cases of corruption and terrorism says he would not allow judges to act as if they are a state, instead of being a function of the state. Last month, Saied revoked all financial privileges for the council members.

Saied called the council a thing of the past, adding he will issue a temporary decree whose details he did not reveal to the council.

Last month, a plan to redraw the constitution was disclosed when the president initiated an online public consultation and he says drafting a new constitution will be put to a referendum.

In July last year, Saied dismissed the government and suspended parliament, a move his opponents described as a coup. He has been broadly criticized after seizing power and rejecting dialogue with all political parties.

Dissolving the body that deals with judicial independence is a move that has raised fears about the independence of the judiciary and cast doubt on Tunisia’s decade-old democratic system.

I’m still a Staunch NUP supporter- Mikie Wine.

Musician Mikie Wine born Mukwaya Michael, 31 has come out to strongly deny accusations of betraying his brother, Bobi Wine(Robert Kyagulanyi); the NUP president.

Mikie Wine together with Bobi Wine during a stage performance years back.

His visit to Pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s House of Prayer Ministries Church was viewed by a number of NUP supporters as a betrayal of his elder brother as Pastor Bugingo attacked Bobi Wine and his party National Unity Platform – NUP for months. However, Mikie Wine visited his church and staged an amazing performance.

Many were seen on social media hurling insults at him accusing him of being a traitor who eats with their enemy. He said he used the great opportunity to preach about NUP.

During an exclusive interview on a local Television station yesterday evening, Mikie spoke about his visit and explained that he was taken to the church by Levixone with whom they have a collabo. “Levixone called me and said that Bugingo invited him to his church. He told me there was going to be many people so it was going to be an opportunity for me to sing for them,” Mikie Wine narrated.

“I sang for them and told them about my brother Bobi Wine and NUP. We have to represent the struggle wherever we go and those people needed to also hear our message. I wanted to take ghetto to church just the way Bobi took it to Parliament. Church people also needed to see someone from the ghetto who has become successful so they can get inspired,” He explained.

 “I thought Bugingo wasn’t going to allow me to step on the stage even. You can abuse me on TV but when we meet and you see how I’m a positive person, you change your mind,” He said.

 Mikie Wine collaborated with Levixone on a gospel song dubbed, “Guno Omwaka” and it is receiving fair airplay.

A courtesy poster of Gunno Omwaka hit that has graced the airwaves.

Mikie assured Ugandans that he is still a staunch NUP member.

MTN Uganda offers customers bigger Data Bundles for the same old prices.

MTN Uganda has repackaged and launched bigger data bundles at the same existing prices. This move makes MTN’s daily data bundles the most affordable bundles, giving customers more MBs at no extra cost.

In a press conference held last week on Thursday at the MTN Uganda headquarters in Kampala, Wim Vanhelleputte, the CEO MTN Uganda noted that the move is a continuous effort by MTN to deliver value for customers at the most affordable pricing and continue driving customers’ progress through connectivity.  To compliment the customer benefit, MTN has invested significantly in optimizing and rolling out new offers with focus on the smaller, most frequently used data bundles by MTN customers.

The repackaged daily data bundles have more MBs but maintain the existing price, giving customers more data for the same old price. For UGX 500/-, customers will get 65MB instead of 40MB while at UGX 1000/-, they will get 165MB instead of 100MBs.

ValidityPrice (UGX)Old Data bundlesNew Data bundlesHow to buy
Daily (24Hrs)25015MB25MB*150*10# or use MyMTN app
New daily data bundle offers.


 “We have revised our daily data offers permanently to give more value to our customers, because it’s our belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life. We hope these bundles with bigger MBs will support our customers recover from the effects of the lockdown, whether in business, education or otherwise,” Vanhelleputte commented.

A new fast-spreading HIV variant has been discovered.

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) says the newly published research from the Netherlands has revealed the existence of a more transmissible and damaging variant of HIV.

The study, led by researchers from the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute, was the first to discover this highly virulent variant of the subtype-B of HIV. The study also revealed that the variant has been circulating in the Netherlands for years and remains receptive to HIV treatment.

People living with the newly revealed HIV subtype experience double the rate of immune system decline (CD4 count), have higher HIV viral loads (amount of virus in the blood) and are vulnerable to developing AIDS two to three times faster after diagnosis than if they were living with other strains of the virus.

UNAIDS says the variant damages the immune system, weakening people’s ability to fight everyday infections and diseases much faster than the previous HIV strains. This newly identified variant does not represent a major public health threat but underscores the urgency of speeding up efforts to halt the HIV pandemic.

Eamonn Murphy, the UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director said that 10 million people living with HIV worldwide are not yet on treatment, fueling the continued spread of the virus and potential for further variants.

The HIV pandemic continues to take a life every minute and scientists have long worried about the evolution of new, more transmissible, variants of HIV.

Three UPDF officers have been charged and remanded for allegedly stealing drugs. 

Three officers of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) identified as Captain Baryeija Barugahare, 38, a UPDF officer and head pharmacy, Richard Masengere, 39, an ICT officer and pharmacy admin and Private Denis Maasa Magombe, 26, a pharmacy technician all attached to the General Military Hospital were today at the General Court Martial (GCM) in Kampala charged with theft contrary to Sections 254 and 261 of the Penal Code Act, Cap 120. 

Prosecution led by Captain Ambroz Guma alleges that around December 10, 2021, Barugahare, Masengere, Magombe and others still at large stole 40 boxes of Lumartem drugs wrapped in two boxes of Ringers and five oxygen cylinders from the General Military Hospital Pharmacy at Bombo Military Barracks in Luwero district. The drugs and cylinders in question were classified as belonging to Defence stores.

The charges were read to them by Lt. Gen Andrew, the GCM chairman and under the representation of Major Silas Kamanda Mutungi, they all pleaded not guilty.

Lt. Gen Gutti remanded the three to Makindye Military Quarter Guard until February 14, 2022.

Suspected defiler runs away with victim

Stella Kala, 35, a widow and a resident of Kawiti Village, Kakwokwo Parish, Mutunda Sub County, Kiryandongo District has sounded an outcry after her 16 year old daughter allegedly run away with a 30-year-old man that is suspected to have defiled her in October last year.

Stella says that after the incident, she reported the matter at Mutunda Police Station, leading to the suspect’s arrest. However, the suspect spent only four days in police custody and when he was released on police bond.

Stella believes the suspect then took advantage of being free to reunite with her daughter and he disappeared with her.

Stella also accuses police at Mutunda Station of attempting to frustrate her efforts to seek justice.

“I have searched almost everywhere but still, I cannot find my daughter. This girl is too young and I wanted her to get back to school but I tried to engage the police to look for this man but they are not helping me,” she added.

The victim is said to have been a Primary Five pupil at Legacy Nursery and Primary School in Mutunda Sub-county.

Abel Abei, the area LC1 chairman, confirmed that the suspect was a resident in this area and added that he suspects him to be hiding at their ancestral home in Loro Sub-county, Oyam District.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson, advised the widow to formally lodge her complaint at the region for further management.


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